Gluten Free Gloriously by Bay Ridge Bakery

Ok, when they say "gluten free gloriously" they are NOT kidding! Gluten Free Gloriously by Bay Ridge Bakery in Stirling New Jersey is an absolute gold mine for gluten free goodies! Head Chef Nick Nikolopoulos is dedicated to erasing negative preconceived notions about what it means to be gluten free. Of the bakery's giveaway on National Gluten Free Day he stated, "It's a great opportunity for us to reverse the stigma of gluten-free foods, which are often referred to as cardboard or tasteless." Let's just say this, there is nothing tasteless about what Gluten Free Gloriously serves up. From cheesecake, to eclairs, lemon bars, cupcakes, and sub rolls-- Gluten Free Gloriously lives up to it's name, everything tastes incredible. Even my non-gluten free fiancé  was in love at first bite!

In learning more about the company, I was told that "Chef Nick spent almost all of his childhood in his family bakery, learning the art of pastry, customer service, and how to run a business. After learning that his nephew was extremely sensitive to gluten, he became genuinely interested in serving the gluten and dairy free community, offering healthy and delicious options to those who wanted and needed great bakery options."

Last night I was lucky enough to receive two boxes of Chef Nick's glorious gluten free baked goods. Everything was incredible! One pastry in particular stood out, the eclairs! I really feel like eclairs are difficult to get right, especially when made gluten free, and these were honestly the best eclairs I've ever had.

Lucky for all of us, they even offer nationwide delivery! You can visit them on FacebookInstagram, and on their website: You do not want to miss out on their baked goods, trust me!


*Disclaimer: All opinions presented are my own. I was not paid or compensated to endorse any party mentioned in this article. Gluten Free Gloriously by Bay Ridge Bakery kindly sent me samples of their products, but I would never review a product that I didn't 100% believe in, endorse, and use or consume myself. *