Gluten Free Beauty Products

Finding gluten free cosmetics can be one of the trickiest challenges to overcome when you have celiac disease. About two years ago I wrote an article titled Is Gluten Hiding in Your Beauty Routine? At the time I was still learning about what products were safe and which were not, and so I figured that I would do an updated, comprehensive, gluten free cosmetic roundup with truly trustworthy brands that I love and use every day.

Some people might be thinking to themselves, “but if I don’t eat my shampoo, what’s the problem?” Well, if you have ever been able to successfully shower without having some water run down your face my hat is off to you! It’s a really difficult feat to accomplish! I for one have not been able to do this, and so gluten free shampoo puts my mind at ease.

As far as other body products go it is critical to maintain a fully gluten free lifestyle in order to prevent any possible cross contamination. Soaps and lotions often end up on your hands- so if you touch your mouth or eat some finger foods, going gluten free with those products is a good idea.

Additionally, some people have Dermatitis herpetiformis- also known as DH or Duhring’s Disease. Defined by as “…a skin manifestation of non-celiac wheat sensitivity,” DH causes “…extremely itchy bumps or blisters [that] appear on both sides of the body, most often on the forearms near the elbows, as well as on knees and buttocks, and along the hairline.” Many people with DH use gluten free products to reduce and address their symptoms.

A gentle reminder for those out there who think celiac disease just means getting a stomach ache when an individual is exposed to gluten- this is not the case. In addition to possible gastrointestinal discomfort, gluten exposure can result in increased risk for cancer, other autoimmune diseases, neurological problems, and infertility.

With all of that out of the way, here is my list of products that I swear by. I hope you enjoy them and that this helps you on your journey back to health!

  • Acure Organics: Acure Organics has amazing shampoos, conditioners, body washes, face oils, serums, and lotions among a wide array of other products. I use their shampoo and conditioner, as well as their argan oil every day!
  • Andalou Naturals: Andalou Naturals carries a number of lotions, hair products, body butters, and more. They even have some amazing sheet masks which are a favorite indulgence of mine!
  • EO Products: EO has almost anything you could dream of. According to their website, EO stands for “essential oils” which is where the company’s journey began. Personally, I rely on them for their essential oils and bath products. EO bubble baths, bath salts, and soaks are particularly heavenly!
  • Everyone Products: Everyone Products are an offshoot of EO Products and are FANTASTIC! According to the website, Everyone Products is “...a line of products designed for young people and large families who [have] little or no choice for quality, botanical body products.” They are designed to be body, earth, and budget friendly! I have a bottle of their hand soap next to every sink in my apartment and I regularly use their Epsom Salt Bath soaks. I love that they also have a certified gluten free line of baby products!
  • Ilia Beauty: I rarely use makeup, but every now and then I reach for a concealer. When I was first diagnosed with celiac disease finding a brand of concealer that fit my needs was incredibly challenging. In addition to celiac disease I have a number of chemical allergies and allergies to common makeup ingredients like avocado and almond oil (the latter two have since disappeared, yay!) but Ilia Beauty was, and still is, an absolute lifesaver for me. Their products are all certified gluten free and cruelty free!
  • Red Apple Lipstick: Despite their renowned lipsticks, I really only use the Red Apple Lipstick mascara (for special occasions!). However their lipstick selection is out of sight and a must for anyone with celiac disease.
  • Kiss Freely: I rely on Kiss Freely for their lip balm selection. These products are all free of the 8 major allergens. Additionally, they avoid using sesame, shea butter, peas, coconut, avocado, and sunflower seed. Needless to say they are another lifesaver for me. They are also a family company founded by the mother of a young woman with severe food allergies. A wonderful company with amazing products and a mission that hits home is exactly the kind of business I want to be supporting.
  • California Baby: Sunscreen is a critical part of anyone’s beauty regimen, but when you have celiac disease finding a truly safe brand is actually very difficult. California Baby is my brand of choice when it comes to sunscreen.  Also, their sunscreens don’t leave you as white and streaky as other natural brands which is definitely a plus!

These are just a few of my favorite brands with products that I use, have vetted, and can wholeheartedly swear by. I hope this list is helpful to you. If you have any questions, stories, or favorite products you would like to share I welcome you to comment below or share them with me at